Jul 20-21, 2024

Shoreline, WA


Developing Teams ONLY (Mid-level Select/AAU and below, Feeder Teams, and Rec teams looking to take the next step in competition): Tournament is for 4th-8th grade boys and girls teams that are still going through their Developing stages of basketball. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about if this tournament is right for your team.


$260.00-$280.00 entry fee




4th-JV HS Boys and Girls (3rd Boys as well)
Ability: Developmental

Tournament Rules

Home and Away: In the schedule, the team listed at the bottom is designated as the Home team (wearing White), while the team at the top is the Away team (wearing Dark).

For fifth grade divisions and younger, only Man-to-Man Defense is allowed. (Man-to-Man rules are detailed in the tournament rules.)
Each team is required to provide a parent to assist with the score clock/game sheet.


We've put together a list of frequently asked questions to make things easier for you. Feel free to take a look and see if it answers any of your questions!

DYSports tournaments are designed for developing youth teams. We consider "developing" to be above the Recreational Level and below the high level/select elite. If your team is interested in our events but does not fall within this talent range for DYSports events, please reach out, and we can see if there are opportunities for playing up or down a grade.

DYSports tournaments typically start as early as 8 am, and the last games on Saturday typically do not start later than 8 pm. Sunday’s last game will typically start no later than 6 pm. Games are typically less than 60 minutes.

We screen each new team asking them to fill out a survey so we can gauge their level of play. After every DYSports tournament, DYSports pulls all scores from the event and examines individual team performance. If we believe a team is ready for the next level, they will be notified. Also, if a team is struggling, we will reach out with the opportunity to place them in a more suitable division.

DYSports does not offer refunds for team cancellations after registration closes or for game cancellations due to weather, COVID-19, or opponent issues; transaction fees may be deducted for cancellations made before the tournament registration deadline. Our policies are designed to ensure fairness and efficient management of our events, encouraging teams to commit thoughtfully to their participation.


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